Degrowth & Strategy


how to bring about social-ecological transformation

Published in June 2022!


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    Degrowth & Strategy: how to bring about social-ecological transformation is a forthcoming collected volume published with Mayfly Books under a Creative Commons license. The book includes over forty authors from the degrowth community and beyond. The book is a project of Degrowth Vienna as a follow up to the conference Degrowth Vienna 2020: Strategies for Social-Ecological Transformation.

    It highlights the importance of engaging with strategy in the degrowth movement, builds on contributions from the Degrowth Vienna 2020 Conference, and strives to provide a meaningful addition to the existing literature on degrowth and related struggles for social and ecological justice.

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    The book in a nutshell:

    Degrowth is a counter-hegemonic movement that has the ambitious aim of transforming society towards social and ecological justice.

    But how do we get there?

    That is the question this book addresses. Adhering to the multiplicity of degrowth whilst also arguing that strategic prioritisation and coordination are key, Degrowth & Strategy advances the debate on strategy for social-ecological transformation. It explores what strategising means, identifies key directions for the degrowth movement, and scrutinises strategies in practice that aim to realise a degrowth society.
    Bringing together voices from degrowth and related movements, this book creates a polyphony for change going beyond the sum of its parts.


    Praise for the book

    "This book is what the degrowth movement needed the most: a well–reasoned and empirically grounded compendium of strategic thinking and praxis for systemic transformations. This is a true gift, not only to degrowthers, but to all those who understand the need for radical change. In an era of unprecedented challenges as the one we are living through, this book should become essential reading in every higher–education course across the social sciences and humanities." Stefania Barca, University of Santiago de Compostela, author of Forces of Reproduction - Notes for a Counterhegemonic Anthropocene
    Stefania Barca
    University of Santiago de Compostela, author of Forces of Reproduction - Notes for a Counterhegemonic Anthropocene
    Emerging amidst the ruins of the destroyed (some call it developed) world, degrowth is a powerful call for transformation towards justice and sustainability. This book takes degrowth’s ideological basis towards strategy and practice, relates it to other movements, and shows pathways that are crucial for the Global North to take if life on earth has to flourish again.
    Ashish Kothari,
    co–author of Pluriverse: A Post–Development Dictionary
    "The book is an exciting source of hope for degrowth futures. It is a thoroughly readable and ambitious book that sets out what degrowth wants to do and what it is actually achieving. It contains many inspiring examples of new ways of living together, illustrating how to share resources, create caring institutions, fair infrastructures, and new ways of relating to humans and more–than–humans."
    Wendy Harcourt,
    International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam
    "In contrast to previous works on the topic the focus is firmly placed on the challenge of how to achieve social–ecological transformation in the face of economic structures and powerful vested interests committed to a utopian vision of sustaining economic growth without end; a vision that pretends to be concerned for the poor while exploiting them and destroying Nature.  An alternative multi–faceted vision is outlined in the most comprehensive exploration of the topic available, including addressing the role of money, mobility, energy, food, technology, housing, and most importantly how to change modernity’s various growth–obsessed social–economic systems."
    Clive Spash
    Vienna University of Economics and Business, editor of Handbook of Ecological Economics: Nature & Society
    "We live in times of great despair and danger, but also great promise. This book is the perfect gateway to strategy and action for our time, written by some of the very top thinkers in the degrowth movement. It will help you create possibilities to transform our world for the better."
    Julia Steinberger
    University of Lausanne
    "This is a book everyone in the degrowth community has been waiting for. Moving beyond the diagnosis about the costs and limits of growth, this volume asks the question of what is to be done and puts forward an ambitious political program of how we go from here to there. The authors present a coherent vision of how different mobilizations at different scales can come together and steer societies to what now seems politically impossible – degrowth'."  
    Giorgos Kallis
    ICREA Professor, ICTA–UAB, author of Limits and The Case for Degrowth
    "What is to be done about the Global North? Young economists of the degrowth generation share strategies on food, housing, energy, transport, technology, and money. Practical, stimulating, and provocative."
    Ariel Salleh
    author of Eco–Sufficiency & Global Justice
    "How do we go from here to there? Read this book and you will find how societies can undertake a transformation towards degrowth."
    Federico Demaria
    University of Barcelona, co–author of The Case for Degrowth
    "Above all, Degrowth & Strategy is a work of revolutionary optimism. The range of visions offered in this text teaches us that we are better off finding a common ground in our strategies and tactics than dwelling on our differences, so that we may step into the future together. With this text, the degrowth movement shifts its central focus from the what and the why to the how. Be warned: this is for those to whom degrowth is an everyday commitment and not a mere thought exercise!"
    Jamie Tyberg 
    co-founder and member of DegrowNYC
    "Degrowth & Strategy is an important collection of essays on a subject of the greatest significance and urgency. Particularly impressive is the emphasis on public communication, workable political strategies and practical solutions."
    Amitav Ghosh
    author of The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable



    Economics for Rebels – transforming batshit jobs

    In this „Economics for Rebels“ episode, Halliki Kreinin and Tahir Latif draw upon the chapter  about the just transition in the aviation sector they co-authored in the book Together with Alexandra Köves, they discuss how to transform work that prioritizes short term profit over sustainability, the so-called „batshit jobs“, while providing equitable conditions for those employed in it. 

    Economics for Rebels – the road ahead: strategies for socio-economic transformation

    In this „Economics for Rebels“ episode, Ekaterina Chertkovskaya depicts a convincing strategic canvas for degrowth. In her interview here with Alexandra Köves they discuss the book in more detail and dive into the anti-capitalist strategic framework of Erik Olin Wright.

    She Drives Mobility – how to degrowth the transport sector

    On this „She Drives Mobility“ episode, John Szabo discusses with Katja Diehl about the chapter about mobility and transport that he co-authored with Thomas Smith and Leon Leuser in the book. The episode tackles questions of degrowth transformation in the mobility sector and investigates different directions, from technology based scenarios, to others that question mobility in itself.

    This is Hell! – Strategic Entanglements

    Susan Paulson joins the US-based radio show and podcast, This is Hell!, to discuss her chapter on the potential of strategic entanglements! They explore how thinking about strategy from a quantum perspective can illuminate the role of intentional plurality when strategizing and how to mindfully form allies for a transformative project like degrowth.


    Official book launch in Vienna

    June 21st, Mensa @ Alte WU Augasse 2-6, 1090, Wien

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